Château Haut Saint-Brice 2011

Château Haut Saint-Brice 2011 Grand Cru

Château Haut Saint-Brice
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Château Haut Saint-Brice 2011. Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, On the commune of Saint Christophe des Bardes, east of Saint Emilion

Château Haut Saint-Brice 2011 Grand Cru

Grape varieties 70% merlot / 30% cabernet franc Average age of the vines 35 years old

Production,  25,000 bottles/year

The soil,  1/3 on a gravelly sandy brown soil (grave) 1/3 on a coarse-textured brown soil (clayey sand)  1/3 on a medium-textured brown soil (clayey sand and clay and limestone soil)

Viticulture Grape vines are pruned to gradually renew trunks and cordons and to develop the fruiting wood close to the trunk.

Before the planting, row middles are grassed over at all times to limit the use of grass killers. Single Guyot and Double Guyot pruning are carried out on the vines. Choosing the best pruning method depends on vigor, disbudding, thinning out, leaf stripping and green harvesting to control yields and the sanitary state of the grapes.

Harvest Grapes are manually and mechanically harvested to adapt to climatic variability among vintages.

Grapes are stored in small crates, shaken and tipped into truck to limit sun exposure and to respect them. Whatever we choose to do, the selected grapes are always carefully cleaned on sorting table.

Winemaking Vinification,  in wooden and thermo-regulated vats. During the alcoholic fermentations, juices are slowly pumped up from the bottom of the tank and splashed over the top of the fermenting must 2 or 3 times a day. It enables a soft color and fruit extraction. A 12-month ageing in barrels already used 1 to 3 times (oak from Chênes de l’Allier, Seguin Moreau and Quintessence) in air-conditioned wineries with a humidity-control system.