1963 Vintage Port Hutchinson

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A rare Hutchinson 1963 Vintage Port wine, tawny styal, packed in a wooden box, a 60 year old wine

Vintage 1963 Port wine

This an ideal Birthday gift idea for a 60 year old Port wine

You can upgrade to the box with a leather PU 1963 wine box with a corkscrew, wine pourer, wine cutter and wine ring
.You can buy a sixpence 1963 wine stopper

In 1996 Barros merged Hutcheson with another low-profile brand, Feuerheerd, and created the new company Hutcheson, Feuerheerd & Associados-Vinhos SA. Hutcheson launched quite a bit of colheitas over the years, and it’s always interesting to try an old wine from a specific year, like the old 1963 Port wine.

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