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Dow Port Wine
Dow's Vintage Port
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Dows vintage 1972 Port wine for a 50th birthday gift idea, the Port wine is packed in a wooden box

A rare 50 year old wine, a quality 1972 vintage Port wine, Dows

Dow’s Vintage Ports are only produced in years of exceptional quality and represent only a very small part of the total company’s production in that year. On average only two or three times every ten years are the weather conditions sufficiently good to allow for the making of Dow’s Vintage Port.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Dow’s Vintage Ports have been landmark wines in virtually every great year, consistently setting the standards amongst all Port houses.

 You can upgrade the 1972 wine gift box with attachments, one ring bottle, one corkscrew and one wine stopper

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Eco friendly, sustainably sourced wooden boxes, manufactured in the UK