Big Peat Whisky Vatted Islay Malt

Douglas Laing Whisky
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Big Peat Whisky "Vatted" Islay Malt, But what exactly, you may ask, is a Vatted Malt? It is what the Scotch Whisky industry has traditionally called “a marriage of Malts.

This vatting carries a big peaty (often called phenolic), beachy oceanic slightly ashy selection of Malts from the island of Islay, from where the Laing family hail - and no wonder! - as we have included Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and Port Ellen in the "recipe". Ally these lusty and robust Malts selected for BIG PEAT with the fact that no chill filtration takes place.Such vattings often form the heart and soul of a blended scotch whisky
Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky- 70cl- 46% vol- Islay

Big Peat is a remarkable marriage of Malt Whiskies only from the island of Islay. He is, of course, proudly without colouring or chill-filtration and bottled at high alcohol strength (46%), resulting in a naturally oily spirit that promises an incredible mouth-feel. With Caol Ila spirit bringing sweetness, Bowmore the perfect balance, Ardbeg the medicinal, earthy quality and Port Ellen, a degree of elegance, Big Peat represents all that is Islay in a bottle. Fred Laing tells us that of course, there are a couple of Blender's Secrets in Big Peat too but even after a few drams, he won’t share that info and so it remains our peaty little secret!


NOSE: Opens fresh, salty and clean, and develops to malted barley dried over peat. A damp, earthy character that’s immediately punchy.

PALATE: On the palate you’ll detect ashes, sweet tar, beaches and smoking chimneys.

FINISH: A long and lingering finish with salty, tangy liquorice, smoke and yet more bonfire ashes.