Delamain extra cognac in decanter 70cl with 2 tulip glasses

Delamain cognac
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Delamain extra cognac in decanter 70cl with 2 tulip glass

This Delamain Cognac Extra de Grande Champagne is older than the Pale & Dry XO and Vesper. Extra de Grande Champagne Delamain Cognac is a selection blend from different distillers from the 1st Cru region of Cognac, where each cognac is aged seperately.

The Extra de Grand Champagne Cognac shows deep maturity and full bodied bouquet. It is the perfect expression of the old Cognac. The Extra de Grand Champagne Cognac is an original decanter shield designed and blown for Delamain. The shield on the decantor, come from the original plate made by Henry Delamain in 1762 at delftware factory in Dublin for the wedding of the nephew James Delamain to Marie Ranson.

This set provides you with a bottle of 35-40 year old Grande Champagne cognac and two, tulip-shaped glasses to drink it out of.

Delamain extra cognac bottle of 75cl size

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