Champagne and Sword gift set

Champagne and Sword
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Champagne and Sword you can choose Moet, Bollinger or Veuve Clicquot

With this gift you can choose Veuve Clicquot, Moet Chandon or Bollinger for this Sword gift box. The gift is a well made faux leather box with the short sabre, Champagne stopper and the Champagne you have picked. If this is a special gift you can pick the delivery date after you checkout
As a present, and in order to respect the French traditions of the gastronomy, it is unthinkable to separate without tasting a champagne bottle; also nowadays many occasions are pretexts to enjoy this wine so favourable with the exaltation of the feelings and the euphoria. Nevertheless, if you wish to bring a renewal of additional enthusiasm and good mood, sabre your champagne bottle or teach the technique with one of your close relations according to the consultings hereafter of Claude Dozorme.

 The cutting down: a technic
To cut down a bottle of champagne is a exercise without any risk.
It is enough for you to follow some elementary rules stated below :
1. Remove the muselet delicately stopper and strip the collar of the bottle.
2. Locate the neck length of the bottle (vertical mark obtained during the manufacture of the bottle during the assembly of the two parts) as well as the pad close to the flange: it is with the intersection that you will have to strike while following the stages hereafter.
3. Well firmly hold the bottle, the stopper upwards
4. Flat pose the end of the sabre on the neck, the back of the blade towards the stopper.
5. Make slip the sabre along the neck of a full movement. The pressure of the bottle being of 6 kilos, it is useless to force, it is simply enough to accompany the stopper and its flange in their take-off


Winedancer wine gifts You can choose the delivery date after you checkout

The wine are 75cl bottle size

All gift boxes are recyclable

Vat and duty is included in the price
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