Vina Tondonia Tinto Reserve 1999

old vintage
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Vina Tondonia tinto reserve 1999,  the grapes from Tempranillo (80%), Garnacho (15%), Graciano and Mazuelo

Vina Tondonia Tinto Reserve 1999, tasting notes, it has an excellent nose and palate, both smooth and full, vigorous and fragrant. Goes well with all meat dishes however prepared

Vina Tondonia tinto reserve 1999

The Rioja Regulating Body. The 16th of April surprised us with a strong early frost, followed by a more gentle one two days later, which led to a 15% loss in fruit later on. Milder weather in May allowed the secondary buds of the vines to recover, and the remaining undamaged crop began to fulfil our expectations. By June the vineyard was at its normal stage of development. We harvested 400.000 kilos of red grapes in the Viña Tondonia vineyard, all of which were well-balanced and of a high quality. This wine is still very fruity, but will evolve and refine itself through further bottle ageing

AGEING PERIOD: Barrel: 8 years, being racked twice
per year and fined with fresh egg whites. Bottle: Rest,
unfiltered, bottled in 75 cl. bottles.




GASTRONOMY: Goes well with all meat dishes
however prepared.

CONSERVATION PERIOD: Ready to drink now, it
can be stored a few more years in conditions of constant
temperature (57ºF / 14ºC) and humidity (75-80%).

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 64,5º to 68ºF (18 - 20ºC)
always depending on mood and place.