Taylors 30 year old Port wine and Taylor decanter

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Taylor's 30 year old tawny Port wine and Taylor decanter. A 30th birthday gift. If this is a special gift you can pick the delivery date after checkout.

Taylors 30 year old tawny Port wine and Taylor decanter

Taylor's 30 year old tawny Port wine and Taylor decanter. Robert M. Parker, Jr. I think Taylor's tawny ports are the best of their type. When tasted against other tawny, they all exhibit more aromatic personalities, greater fruit and ripeness, and a wonderful sweetness and length. The Thirty Year Old Tawny is drier than the Twenty Year, revealing more orange and brown colour, more raisiny notes in its aromatics and flavours, and higher alcohol in the finish.

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Taylor’s is one of the remaining houses to produce a 30-Year-Old aged tawny Port. Selected red Ports created in the eastern of the Douro Valley are aged in seasoned oak barrows in Taylor’s vineyard in Vila Nova de Gaia. Here, the cooled and damp coastal climate encourages a slow and softly ageing process, producing great complexity and finesse aromas.
Only three years is a reserve of Port with balance structure, fruit and power to age laid aside to age in oak barrels. Those who have reached their best after thirty years are blended with balance and finesse to keep a consistency of taste and style. The 30-year-old-tawny is one such wine.

It is a many excellent dessert. It combines well with flavours of coffee, nuts and caramel. It is a beautiful compliment to a slice of soft cheese or a plate of wild strawberries. At the end of the meal, it may also be appreciated with walnuts or dried fruit and can be served cool in the summer.

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