Armagnac 1978 Vintage

VAGHI Baron de Sigognac Armagnacs
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Armagnac 1978 vintage, a rare and quality Brandy

Vintage Armagnac 1978 Vaghi. A rarity in itself, the whole of the is destined solely for Bas Armagnac production. If this is a special gift you can pick the delivery date after you checkout

VAGHI Baron de Sigognac Armagnacs are aged only in oaken casks of 400 litres. In those casks, "cradles" of the precious spirit, the Armagnac  will be reduced naturally by the simple evaporation of the alcohol which is called the "angel's share".

Care and quality for the ageing of VAGHI-Baron de Sigognac Armagnacs :

·       Spirit can be immediately reduced after distillation

·       Armagnac is poured into new oaken casks

·       Regular stirring for a good aeration