Doudet Naudin Burgundy Wine

Since 1849, date of its official creation, Doudet-Naudin has the chance to have remained the same family and to preserve thus, through more than 150 years

Doudet Naudin Burgundy wine House

We thank you for your interest and we are pleased to present to you in some lines : a family house, its Domaine and a passion of the Burgundy .

Since 1849, date of its official creation, Doudet-Naudin has the chance to have remained the same family and to preserve thus, through more than 150 years.
We are installed in our familial house with its authentic old cellars from the beginning of the 19ecentury, located in the old village of Savigny-Les-Beaune.

Since the beginning of the century, the domaine’ vineyards coming from "Grand-Father" Naudin with some prestigious vineyards, leads our activity.

Today, Yves Doudet with his two collaborators, Emmanuel Berteloot and Alain Ambroise defend the virtues of one of the last small and completely independent company in the Côte d’Or ; with its values and its character.

At home, the production of mass and volumes does not exist !
The Côte d’Or is a fragmented and complex area with multiple facets.
How to imagine produced into large volumes by respecting the soil ?

All our attention is to represent and respect each climate with its own qualities.
In order to reflect this authenticity, it is not practised any blending, for the villages and all 1er Crus. A bottle must represent its vineyard and vintage

Our production is concentrated on the wines of the Côte-de-Beaune like the Domaine’s vineyards. We select and vinificate also grapes and "moûts".
No chemical treatments are practised in our vineyards and the grapes which we buy are controlled with great care.

Only harvest-picking by hand is available. Each grape is controlled on two selection tables All is prepared in order to privilege and let make nature. Here, no wine making of mode with for example "over-extraction".

Almost all our production is matured in oak barrels, with the same proportion for all the appellations : 25 % new-oak barrels and the rest barrels from 1, 2 and 3 years.
The origin of the wines will make the difference. The maturation on the fine lees will depend each year of the complex characters of the terroir and the vintage.

The bottling of our red wines is made without filtration each time it is possible. Our old cellars ensure an ideal ageing and keep some rare old vintages of which a part still rests in the silence and the darkness covered under a natural foam.

Doudet-Naudin is a member of the Association " Grow and Wines of Burgundy " an association which especially is watchful of the installation of a moratorium on the use of the OGM in order to preserve the typicality and the authenticity of our soils as well as the respect of our environment and its biological diversity.

In the beginning of the last century, Marcel Doudet acquired the vineyards of his father-in-law Victor Naudin. Established on 4 villages (from Beaune to the hill of Corton). The domaine extends on 7 hectares, planted mainly in 1er and Grands Crus.

Savigny-les-Beaune Les Guettes 1er Cru
Savigny-les-Beaune " Aux petits liards "
Savigny-les-Beaune Redrescul (monopole) 1er Cru
Beaune Clos du Roy 1er Cru
Beaune Cent Vignes 1er Cru
Pernand-Vergelesses Les Fichots 1er Cru
Bourgogne blanc " Le Clos en Village "
Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru
Corton Maréchaudes Grand Cru
Aloxe-Corton " Les Boutières "
Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru Les Maréchaudes


Grape variety : Pinot-Noir for the red wines and Chardonnay for the white wines.

The ground, mainly clayey-limestone (sometimes marly or stony) is mainly exposed east/south-east in slopes (except Savigny Les Guettes which is full southern slope) . Some old vines are from 40 to 65 years old and few vines are only worked by hand.

For 10 years, important investments have been carried out in the vineyards : Construction of walls in order to retain the ground, drainage of the rain-water and replanting.


The vineyards produce a small crop because of the voluntarily severe size.
The treatments (organic /no-chemical) are reduced to the bare minimum. The average output oscillate between 30 and 40 hecto/hectares. No going beyond (PLC) is never required.

The manual grape harvest is transported in small bored cases.
After a selection of the grapes by hand on a selection table and a generally total de stemming.

The fermentation on the skins will be rather long if the year allows it.

A manual punching of the cap is carried out twice per day. The temperatures are controlled.
The pneumatic press allows a respect of the harvest and the soils (the small parcels are vinified separately, by respecting their origins). Our wine making seeks to obtain the optimal extraction of the tannins, the colour and the fruit by developing the ground of each vine.

The wines are aged in oak barrels from France (Allier-Vosges) . The share of new barrels represents in general a quarter of the total quantity during a period which can vary from 9 to 20 months for the white wines and from 15 to 21 month for the reds wines, according to the characters of the vine and of the year.
The tannins brought by these new barrels and their proportion should not unbalance the future wine, to drain it or mask the delicacy of certain wines.
The bottling is made without filtration.

To carry out wines of good constitution, while privileging the fruit and the origin are our objectives each year without any other consideration of volumes, of mode and of financial constraints.

The bottling by gravity and a selective choice of the corks completes this process which finish quite naturally and immediately in our old cellars of Savigny-les-Beaune.

Our range is based firstly on the respect of each climate.
Only small volumes allow to respect the origin of the soil.
In order to reflect this authenticity, it is not practised any blend on the essential of our wines.


Bourgogne pinot noir
Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune
Aloxe-Corton et premier cru
Savigny-Les-Beaune et premiers crus
Pernand-Vergelesses et premiers crus
Beaune premiers crus
Pommard et premier cru
Volnay et premier cru
Santenay et premier cru
Marange premier cru


Bourgogne Chardonnay
Bourgogne Aligoté
Savigny-Les-Beaune blanc et premier cru (monopole)
Pernand-Vergelesses et premier cru
Corton Charlemagne

Since 1939, year or was built a wall in our cellars by Marcel Doudet, our Maison has an inheritance of old and rare vintages, often very required, that it holds to its customers.

From 1929 up to 1989, 43 years and more than 150 appellations sleep in our cellars.
Sometimes in very, very limited quantities.