Ayala Champagne

Ayala Champagne
Edmond de Ayala, founder of the House in 1860, came from a family that had always aspired to go one step further. His ancestors bequeathed him with a sense of excellence and a taste for adventure that drove him to settle in Aÿ in order to learn about wine making. From the very beginning, the House quickly became a reference both in France and overseas. As a young champagne House, Champagne AYALA owed its rapid expansion in large part to Fernand de Ayala, Edmond’s younger brother, who in 1863 settled in London where he mixed with British aristocracy and introduced the House’s unique flavour profile to British connoisseurs, notably with the 1865 vintage that had a very low dosage for the time. During the same period, the House was one of the founding member of the Syndicat des Grandes Marques in 1882 and also contributed to the creation of London’s Benevolent Trust in 1886.

Brut Majeur Ayala Magnum Champagne

Brut Majeur Ayala Magnum 2 bottle size Champagne

Pink, Rose Majeur Ayala Champagne

Pink rose Majeur Ayala Champagne The Pink champagne wine is difficult to achieve of this quality

Vintage 1999 Ayala Champagne

This wine beautifully expresses the power and fullness of the Pinot Black great wines Vintage 1999 Ayala Champagne

Perle 2002 Ayala Champagne

Perle 2002 Ayala Champagne. Perle d’Ayala is produced in small quantities

Demi sec Majeur Ayala Champagne

Demi sec Majeur Ayala Champagne. A half dry Champagne

Brut Majeur Ayala Champagne

Brut Majeur Ayala Champagne, the Brut is the wine that best characterizes the style of the house

Ayala Champagne gift Box with 2 glasses

Ayala Champagne gift Box with glasses